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Our Philosophy

At Arakelian Wealth Management, our investment philosophy has been developed from over 25 years of experience in the industry and working side by side with our clients. Above all else, these last 25 years have taught us to respect and understand risk. 

For our clients, we preach “Winning by Not Losing.” It is not as important for us to capture all of the upside of the markets as it if for us to attempt to mitigate risk and limit the downside loss of our clients’ capital. This approach takes out much of the unnecessary stress that accompanies emotional and irrational swings in the market. Our goal is to help our clients to potentially not have to play catch up to recapture needless market losses. 

Stocks and bonds are not the only answer to diversification. There are many financial products from which to choose when allocating assets in a portfolio. We provide the skilled due diligence required to make an objective, prudent and diversified selection. We look for investments with favorable track records, credentialed management, and investment philosophies that align with our own. 

It is also critical for us to introduce our clients to an array of alternative investments intended to further diversify and diminish risk in our client’s portfolios during downturns in the financial markets. With a percentage of our clients’ assets, we feel it necessary to have a portion of a client’s portfolio allocated to investment vehicles, which can potentially mitigate downside risk. 

We pride ourselves on thinking differently. We do not believe in a “Buy and Hold” strategy. We believe in a tactical, active approach to managing our clients’ investments. In today’s highly connected, global economy and financial markets, it is important to constantly monitor and make adjustments as needed to our clients’ portfolios in order to potentially manage downside risk and attempt to potentially have their assets last them through retirement and beyond.

Not only do we assist our clients in climbing their financial mountain during their asset accumulation stage in life, but we feel that is just as important for us to navigate them on the way down from the peak during their retirement and decumulation stage of life. Reaching retirement is not the end of the trek. Our aim is that once you reach retirement, you stay in retirement.

No strategy assures success or prevents against loss. Investing involves risk including loss of principal. There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk.