Our Holistic Approach - The Four Stages of Financial Planning

  • We adamantly believe that fee-only investment management and planning is inherently limited in its scope. Effective investment management is a critical component of long-term financial success. However, there are factors that are essential to creating a truly holistic, multi-generational financial plan outside of simply stocks and bonds.
  • Where we diverge in philosophy and ability is in our proficiency to add value in the vital areas of life insurance, long term care and advanced estate, charitable giving and wealth transfer strategies that other firms avoid due to a lack of understanding, additional work or simply because it falls outside the scope of “fee only” planning.
  • AWM has over 35 years of experience in helping families and business owners protect against unforeseen life events that could result in potentially dire financial consequences.
  • When deemed appropriate in consultation with our clients, we have retirement solutions available to us that can provide “pension-like” guaranteed lifetime incomes.
  • With many employers no longer providing pensions, and the future uncertainty of social security benefits, the financial landscape is more complex today than ever before. It requires mindful and diligent planning to address and exceed our clients current and future desires.